About The Artist

Dorianne Allister Winkler grew up in Montreal, Canada. For much of her childhood, she also lived in the artist colony of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. She insists that the Mexican artisans influenced her joyous love of color in all the pottery designs, artwork and woven fabrics. “My passion is to create art that is uplifting and healing,” she says.

Dorianne spends her time between her home on Kauai, Hawaii and in Vancouver, Canada. Most of her life has been spent teaching in both public schools and the private sector. Her innovative programs introducing Conflict Resolution and Empathy Skills were highly acclaimed. Travelling abroad with her husband and daughter, she is a founding member of Amicusfoundation.org, working to benefit women and children in Thailand, India and Bhutan.

At present, she has published the first of her children’s book series featuring a magical millipede who writes hilarious story-poems with colorful and elaborate illustrations.
Please follow her books at PukeyPoetry.com as well as Instagram: Pukey Poetry and Mz.Millipede.