For Women by Woman Collection

  • How To Be Gorgeous
  • The Meaning is in Here Somewhere
  • You Are What You Eat
  • Today She Felt On Top of the World
  • She Knew He Would Never Let Her Down
  • Just Follow Your Heart!
  • The Diet Starts Tomorrow
  • You Are What You Eat
  • When Is Enough Enough?
  • It Was Like Peeling Away...
  • The Best Relationship She Ever Had
  • She's Coming Out Of Herself!
  • She Forgave
  • She Asked Him To Get Down
  • She Remembers Coming in With Empty Hands and an Open Mind
  • She Lets it All Go!
  • She Learned to Stand on her Own Feet
  • She Found Herself and a Whole New World Opened Up!
  • She Could Sure Put Her Foot In Her Mouth
  • How To Be Gorgeous
  • It Was Like Peeling Away...
  • He Wouldn't Let Go
  • Eye of the Hurricane
  • Catch a Falling Star
  • Born To Be Happiness!
  • Be Your Own Happiness
  • Reach For The Stars
This vibrant collection of art for women has been exhibited both locally here in the Hawaiian islands as well as Internationally. Dorianne’s whimsical and colorful images are created using pen and ink, watercolor and digital media.

The work in this Collection is sold as frameless high-quality acrylic prints offering a modern look with color pop and vibrancy.
Please contact the artist directly to purchase a print. Thank you.